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How do you choose the web design and development company that is right for you? To be fair it is not the easiest decision to take. To help you make it easier we have created a one liner, very much like a pick up line.

There are three responses to a piece of website design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

And WOW is the one you get when you side with Midnight Owl for your web design needs. Strangely, it is not the WOW that makes a website successful, it is the content. The WOW attracts the viewers, the content attracts the visitors and the visitors help you reach successful website goals.

A Website is not a "Field of Dreams" like in the famous move where Kevin Costner said "Build it and they will come". The content has to be designed with a marketing goal in mind that helps attract visitors. There should be only one goal, and that is called a conversion goal. Your main strategy behind any website should be to convert site visitors into clients. That is what a successful website does, it converts visitors into clients. Nothing more, nothing less.

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.

We do not have a client that cannot testify to the fact that we have designed a website for them that has not helped them reach their goals. All client needs are unique making the web design approach a challenging one. We will help you create your own unique style and let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable by others.


We care about your needs and know what we have to do to make your website a success and turn your investment into profit.

Responsive Web Design

The first approach we take when designing a website is mobile first! Google priorotizes mobile-friendly pages over those that are not mobile-friendly. The vast majority of searches for local businesses come from mobile devices. The statistics are overwhelming favouring mobile devices.


According to recent research don by comScore, desktop only has been on a decline since 2014, dropping from 19.1% to 10.6%. On the other hand, mobile only has been on the rise with not expectation to slow down.  Considering the trend, desktop viewing may no longer be the norm.  Therefore, it’s important to optimise on the devices your audience is using, and not those they aren’t.


respomsive web design

This mobile only milestone is meaningful because it signifies how smart phones have already become our primary access point to the Internet. The convenience of being able to communicate 24/7 and with all the words information in our pocket gave the smart phone certain technological advantages over the Internet. These benefits coupled with lightning speed data Internet connections all enabled the smart phone to become the digital device of choice in recent years.


Responsive web design makes your website and pages look good on all devices especially smart phones. Please feel free to open this website on any mobile device of your choice. You will notice one very significant design style, it looks good on any device. You can see the image below. This website displays well on all smart phone sizes.


responsive web design


Internet Marketing - Search Engine Optimization

Most business owners know that Internet marketing is essential, but not all of them understand the Internet marketing objectives used to drive revenue through your company website. It can be challenging to calculate Return on Investment, ROI, and the costs involved to build and maintain a website.



We follow these main Internet marketing objectives to ensure your company reach it's goals:

Increase Revenue

The primary objective of any Internet marketing strategy should be to increase revenue. Thankfully the Internet provides many opportunities for any business to achieve this goal. By utilizing good Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, planning your company can significantly increase the chances that potential customers find you online.


With strategies like content marketing and social media marketing you can stand out as an expert in your field with the reputation of a company who cares for and serves your customer well.


internet marketing objectives


We make use of the following main objectives to ensure your company reach it's goals:

Focus on Conversion First

Most businesses have been guilty of wasting money driving traffic to a website that does not convert well. The accepted definition for conversion rate, according to the wise people on the Internet, is a percentage of users who take a desired action.


internet marketing conversion rate


To put it simple, conversion rate means to turn website visitors into clients. Website traffic can be a very misleading metric, especially when you have a website that has a very low conversion rate. It is heard so often, of people boasting how many hits they receive and how many facebook requests they get, many visitors means little. It is the conversion rate that counts.


Jeff Eisenberg, a well known innovator of Internet marketing strategies, tells us to focus our attention where it is often needed most, on our website's conversion rates.

Enhance Your Social Media

Social media is no longer just something that teenagers and college students use to socialize online.


internet marketing social media


Social media has become a powerful tool for Internet marketing and customer service. Social media marketing is a powerful way to reach visitors and improve your web site's conversion goals. Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand promoters and even driving leads and sales.


Social media marketing can help you with a number of internet marketing goals, of which the most important one is driving traffic to your web site.

It all Starts with Great content

Whichever way you look at a website, content is King. It will always be the most essential part of Internet marketing. Without quality, unique content, your website has very little to differentiate itself from its growing competitors.


internet marketing build content


Web marketing is all about providing effective content to users when they need it most. Consider investing a considerable amount of resources on content (articles, photos, updated events, social media posts and updates) that will proved that your business is a major contender in the industry.

Build a Brand

You cannot ignore the fact that Google holds the keys to the majority of resources we use to promote our services online.


internet marketing build a brand


There is one major step we can take to get Google's attention - Build a Brand

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is important to any business, irrespective of industry and size. Your website is a World Wide window into your business and has a huge impact on how potential customers and the public perceive your business.


website maintenance


A well maintained website is critical to real-time service industries. All businesses need regular website maintenance to retain and attract customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new and existing information and products to the public.


Web design technologies also change regularly to adapt to the ever changing mobile industry and it is important to keep your website updated to serve these devices properly.


We have several website maintenance packages available to suit the needs of most service industries. Whether or not your website is hosted and designed by us, feel free to contact us to discuss your website maintenance needs.